Pond Safety

Introduction To The SafadeckTM Pond Safety Grid System

SafaPond Direct Ltd are here to promote an effective solution to the dangers of garden ponds.

Too many children drown or suffer life-changing injuries in and around unprotected ponds each year.

On average 5 children drown* in unprotected garden ponds in the UK every year.

The SafaDeckTM – strong but discreet

the original safety grid system for ponds

Safety and Peace of Mind

The SafaDeckTM pond safety grid system will guard against these tragedies meaning you can now retain your pond, whilst keeping your children safe.

You will also benefit by helping protect pets from accidents and koi from heron attack.

Since 2001

The SafaDeckTM pond safety grid system has made thousands of ponds safe – this means thousands of children can play happily in their gardens, safe in the knowledge that their water feature doesn’t present the danger it once did.

The Hidden Dangers of Garden Ponds

All too often the risks presented by ponds and water features are either not realised or are dismissed, until an accident happens.

“It won’t happen to us”

“We look after our kids properly”

“Our pond’s not that deep”

‘Our kids don’t go near the pond”

The problem is that children do drown in pond accidents all the time.

Since 1992, in the UK alone, approximately 200 children under 5* have drowned in pond accidents.

That’s 200 children who’d be alive today if the SafaDeckTM pond safety grid had been fitted to those ponds!

* See the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents website for statistics

The Original SafaDeckTM – Designed with Children in mind

why choose SafaDeckTM?

The SafaDeckTM is the original, patented safety grid system for ponds.

Developed over many years and made out of quality materials, we are confident that the SafaDeckTM will provide safety and peace of mind whatever size or shape your pond.