Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, but we do not recommend that it is used as a walkway, or play area. It is a safety system and is primarily there for the safety of children.

It will support the weight of an adult as can be seen on the website, but bear in mind its primary function is a pond safety system.

No, we supply specially designed and shaped bumpers the fit on all cut sections of the grids, giving a smooth radius to the cut section, giving protection to any type of liner.

All components of the SafaDeck are manufactured in the EU. In fact, the vast majority of the components (over 95%) are manufactured in the UK so that we can ensure the parts are manufactured to the highest standards and from high quality materials specified by us. If you have any technical questions about the SafaDeck or its components, please feel free to contact us.

Yes, the Safadeck complies with their recommendations in relation to the prevention of child entrapment. The SafaDeck’s unique triangular patterning has been designed such that an 80cm2 rectangle cannot pass through the gaps in the grids.

All parts are always available as spares, so just visit the website, or call us and we will be able to help.The SafaDeck pond safety grid system here to stay and so spares will be available if you need them.

Yes, the SafaDeck is a product upon which VAT is chargeable. All customers are issued with a VAT invoice as a matter of course which serves as evidence of their purchase and their guarantee.

No, the SafaDeck is not a play surface. Children should be discouraged from walking and playing on the SafaDeck as part of their wider water safety education. If they are allowed or encouraged to walk/play on the SafaDeck they may think that they can do the same in an unprotected pond.

No. We make no apology for this. All of our operations are legitimate and thus fully insured so as to give both our customers and us peace of mind in relation to both our product and our conduct.

Yes, just remove the child proof clips with a flat screwdriver, and the grids can be removed and replaced easily, remember to put the clips back after refitting the SafaDeck.

We have now developed and supply adjustable height sliders that make the installation even easier, and take out all the need to cut the legs to the exact length.

No, the feet are specially designed to spread the load, and are especially contoured to stop this happening.

Yes, if you have a minimal amount of DIY skills, and a few tools, then with our comprehensive fitting instructions you should be able to fit it yourself. If in doubt call us and we will be only too happy to answer your questions.

Yes, once the re-usable child resistant clips are removed from the grid panel, the panel can be taken out to allow access for pond cleaning, pump maintenance, planting etc. The grid can be replaced equally easily using the same clips. Each of the 0.59m x 0.49m panels can be removed and replaced in this way.

Give us a call or drop us an email. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have abount the SafaDeck and/or its installation. If you call us, whoever you speak to will be familiar with the product, have installed the SafaDeck themselves and will be able to answer whatever questions you may have about it.

Yes, plants will grow through the SafaDeck with ease.

Don’t worry, we offer a full fitting service so you can call us and we can arrange for this to be professionally installed for you, let us know and we can give you a price. You can download the instruction manual here.

No, the Safadeck can be cut around any shape or size of water feature or fountain, it’s totally versatile.

No, the Safadeck can be cut around any shape or size of water feature or fountain, it’s totally versatile.

Leaves are always a problem in any garden; did you know we supply netting to put over the Safadeck?

The Safadeck Netting Kits are available for all size ponds; the Safadeck Netting Kits consist of the Netting and a pack of clips/cable ties for securing it to the Safadeck, helping you with the Autumn and winter periods by helping to catch the leaves and hence reducing the need for cleaning.

Yes. The SafaDeck can be lowered using either the adjustable sliders or, if further adjustment is required, by trimming the legs. If your pond has sloping sides the edges of the SafaDeck may also need to be trimmed to the new shape. The SafaDeck can be lowered using the same components as the original installation and so no extra parts will be required. We can either lower the SafaDeck for you or we are happy to offer any advice you need if you wish to do it yourself.

Yes. All of our fitters are employed (not self employed contractors) and so VAT is chargeable on the work they do. Full VAT invoices are issued as a matter of course for all parts and labour we supply.

Black is the only colour currently available. The grids, beams, legs, feet and clips are all black, which is the colour we have found to be the most discrete when it is fitted in most ponds (which are mostly constructed with black liner and provide a dark background against which the grid is set).

Don’t worry, you can always buy spares from our website, parts are always in stock, so you can order them 24/7 and we will despatch them the next working day.

No, with the Safadeck safety grid system for ponds, all the parts are manufactured from top quality materials, all the clips and grids are made from Engineering Polymers and will not corrode and suitable for aquatic conditions. The Aluminium support beams are powder coated giving excellent appearance and added corrosion resistance.

No, the Safadeck can be cut around any shape or size of water feature or fountain, it’s totally versatile.

First and foremost the SafaDeck is a safety product. For maximum safety the SafaDeck should be installed above the water to prevent any contact between the child’s face and the water. However, the choice is yours and the SafaDeck can be fitted just below the water level. We fully recognise that some customers prefer the aesthetics of the SafaDeck just below the waterline, although, of course, the risks are greater when doing so. If fitted below the water we recommend that this is done at a maximum depth of 1inch/ 25mm, at this depth the grids and beams become discreet but still provide a barrier to deep water entry. It is a question of balance and you know which option will best suit your needs. The SafaDeck can always be lowered at a later date using no additional components if required.

This is not a problem as we now supply adjustable slider assemblies, which gives you around 4”or 100mm adjustment on the height of the finished SafaDeck.

No, all the materials are suitable for all aquatic life and will not contaminate the water.

Nothing to the SafaDeck itself, we just recommend that you check the fixings periodically just in case of settlement, frost damage, root dislodgement, to the pond or the surroundings etc.

Yes, the SafaDeck system is modular in construction allowing you to add to the existing system at any time, so changing the pond is not a problem, just let us know what you require.

The maximum depth is 3.25m, the standard Safadeck system is designed and supplied with standard legs for depths of up to 1 metre. For deeper ponds we supply Aluminium inserts to reinforce the legs, so depth isn’t generally a problem. Just let us know when ordering.

The Safadeck can be cut and adjusted to fit any shape and size pond, here the SafaDeck safety grid system is being installed by one of our professional installers.

Just give us a call on our office number, we are always happy to help and will attempt to sort out your problems over the phone and talk you through the installation. Your call will always be directed to an experienced installer who knows the SafaDeck inside out and our phones are manned outside of office hours to provide assistance should it be needed.

Around half of SafaPond Direct Ltd’s customers decide to fit the Safadeck themselves. Generally, the smaller the pond the easier it should be to fit. You will need a hacksaw, a hammer, spirit level,a power drill, a tape measure and good weather. If you consider your DIY skills to be below par, we would recommend that you ask us to fit it for you. Our installers are trained in the installation of the SafaDeck safety grid system.

Take a look at the DIY instruction manual or check out our video clips to help you decide. We are always at the end of the phone, even out of office hours, to assist should this be needed.

Yes, to use the Safadeck with the legs and feet we need 150mm (very top of the grid to the bottom of the foot), but if the legs aren’t used in ‘beach like’ areas then the minimum height is 60mm (top of the grid to underside of the support beam).