Pond Safety Grid
The SafaDeck™ Child Safe Fish Pond Cover

The SafaDeckTM is the original, patented, safety grid system for ponds.

Developed over many years and made out of quality materials, we are confident that the SafaDeckTM will provide safety and peace of mind whatever the size or shape your pond.

10 Year Guarantee on our Pond Safety Systems

Quality Assured

We are so confident in the quality and manufacture of our product that all components of the SafaDeckTM pond safety cover system come with a ten year guarantee

Why Choose the SafaDeckTM Pond Safety Grid

Child Safe Pond Cover

The original, patented, modular safety system for ponds. Designed with children in mind.

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Children and Pond Safety

Ponds and other water features can really enhance a garden, but youngsters are also quite fascinated by them, and this innate curiosity could prove to be their downfall. A child can drown in a matter of seconds; therefore, can children and ponds coexist in safety, or is it either/or?

On average, 5 under-6s drown every year in garden ponds in the UK


Drowning is the third most frequent accidental death in the home for children under the age of five, so the problem is significant. Over the past ten years, more than 100 children have drowned, and a recent government study found that almost 80% of them died in ponds owned by friends, family, or neighbours rather than in their own gardens. Anyone with children should be concerned about the safety of their garden koi pond. Protect your children or toddlers with the SafaDeckTM pond safety system.

SafaDeckTM benefits

Pond Safety

Pond Safety for Children

Retain your pond, whilst keeping your children or toddlers safe with our pond safety cover.

Protection for Pond Fish

Prevent attacks on fish such as Koi Carp in your pond by hunting birds such as Herons.

Protection for Pets

You will also benefit by helping
protect pets from accidents with our pond safety covers.

About Safapond Direct Ltd

Providing Pond Safety For Children for Over 20 Years

Safapond Direct Ltd is a UK based organisation providing safety solutions for the owners of garden ponds worldwide.

We have built an international reputation by offering clients an effective product, unrivalled service and excellent value for money.

In 1998 the SafaDeckTM pond safety grid – the world’s first modular safety grid to guard against the dangers of drowning in garden ponds was developed.

Previous customers of the SafaDeckTM include schools, nurseries, hotels, holiday villages, carers and not forgetting around 5,000 families who’ve recognised the need to protect their children with a pond cover before an accident happens.

So if you own a garden pond and are concerned about the safety of others then just call us or send us an e-mail with the dimension and pictures and we’ll work out an all inclusive quotation.

All Parts in Stock

All parts in stock. DIY ordered before 10 am same working day despatch. Prices from £4.60 per sq ft.

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How to Make Your Pond Child Safe

Parents and grandparents who have garden ponds probably have the greatest concern about cgildren and toddlers falling into the water. There is no doubt that it may end up being a life-threatening situation. And not just that. Children could get sick if they ingest any water from your pond, depending on its condition. There are a few major ways to entirely prevent a child from accessing your garden pond and to keep it safe.

A secure fence surrounding the pond that is at least one metre high will serve as an excellent deterrent for children and toddlers. Although this is a sensible approach, your pond will look terrible as a result.

Consider installing a temporary fence, if you will. Choose one that can be moved but is sturdy enough to keep kids away from the pond and is unclimbable. In this manner, you can only fence the pond when it’s necessary to protect children and toddlers.

Fencing might not appear to be a workable solution. In fact, some would contend that the fence will keep animals away from the pond. Another choice would be to cover the top of the pond with mesh, pond safety netting or a grill. It additionally would stop children and toddlers from falling into the pond. A pond safety net or some garden pond safety mesh could be a solution.

The pond safety netting, mesh or grill for children must be strong enough to sustain a child’s weight without collapsing into the pond’s water. A full hand baggage suitcase can be used to test this by being placed on the surface, and it will be possible to see if the cover holds up to the weight or drops closer or into the water.

The SafaDeckTM is the original, patented safety grid system for ponds. Developed over many years and made out of quality materials, we are confident that the SafaDeckTM will provide safety and peace of mind whatever size or shape your pond.

It is discreet and won’t block the view of your pond as a fence would, plus it’s strong with leg supports to hold the weight of a child, making it a better pond safety solution than a pond safety net, grill or mesh cover.

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