Girl and Boy Standing Near a Pond Looking at the View

It is only by keeping toddlers away from water that you can ensure pond safety for toddlers.

Even the most attentive parents and guardians can’t be expected to watch their children every second of the day. Therefore, it is necessary to create a physical barrier. Remember that babies and toddlers do not understand danger. While warning them about it is a great idea, they may not really begin to take the information in until they are four or five years old. It may be possible, depending on the design of the garden, to fence in the pond, and the surrounding area, allowing only access through a gate.

This isn’t always a feasible option, but when it is, it allows the pond to remain intact and prevents curious children from getting too near. The danger remains, so this is only a partial fix. It is more common to use a grid that covers the entire pond surface. This allows young children to coexist with ponds in safety. The mesh must be strong and sturdy enough to support the weight of an infant or small child, and it should also be fixed above the level of the water. This is because crawling babies and children can drown in shallow water. There are many types of mesh available.

From simple security grilles to rigid plastic grids that can be purchased from pond suppliers. The thin steel mesh used for cages for small animals or chicken wire is fine for keeping out herons but not for this purpose. To prevent curious children from slipping and to prevent them finding their way under the cover, the cover must be fixed firmly. If the pond is large enough, it might be wise to mount the entire thing on a support frame. It is important to inspect the cover regularly for any signs of damage or wear.

Some people build bubble fountains to keep the sound of water running in their garden. They are a small reservoir equipped with a pump and covered with mesh. The stones on top of the pond are arranged artistically. The pump forces the water to flow up a pipe that runs over the stones and back into the pond. Other variations of the theme are available as ready-made features. These include hollow pottery balls or artificial millstones that channel a small flow of water across their surface, providing a relaxing and safe splashing sound.

The dangers of ponds are real. Each year, especially during the summer, there is an increase in fatalities and near-misses. Pond safety for toddlers is paramount. Being aware of the risks and taking appropriate precautions will help to prevent your own pond adding to these sad statistics.